Turgut Music

picture of Turgut

This is my biggest project as of now. In this project I developed www.turgutmusic.com. My contribution to the graphical aspects of this project consist of the Turgut Music logo, cover design and marketing material, in addition to the role as photographer, when needed. Feel free to see more of my work for Turgut Music.

KIT logo

picture of logo

In 2016 i participated in KITs logo-contest, and won. The student organisation Kvinner og IT, “Women and IT”, is a fraternity that brings women in IT together to discuss common ground.

Westerdals marketing team

Collage of pictures taken for the student blog

In the time period August 2015 to June 2016 I var a part of the student marketing team for Westerdals Oslo Act. Here i shared the responsibilities for Westerdals Snapchat, Instagram alongside composing a student blog. Across the platforms I wrote about the school and my personal view on being a technology student at Westerdals Oslo ACT.

Crossfit Groruddalen Logo

Crossfit groruddalen simple logo

In this project I created a logo for the renaming of a crossfit senter in Oslo, Groduddalen. The owners wanted a simple and elegant logo. Visit their website, or their gym, to see the logo in use.

Brødsmula - Student fraternity

brodsmula logo

Fifth semester at Westerdals Oslo ACT, a classmate of mine startet a student fraternity for students interested in interaction design. I joined her and took on the role as graphic designer. I created the "Brøsmula" and "Smula" (for short) logo, artworks for Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, and posters promoting our events.

Bugfix logo

Bugfix logo

A friend of mine started his own business, and I was asked to make his logo. He wanted something fun and representive of technology without scaring of his main audience; seniors.

Nagan Youth logo

Bugfix logo

A fantastic woman, Mary Frieda Nagan, startet a non-profit organization helping youth world wide. I was asked to make a simple and elegant logo containg holding hands.